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TRILLIUM NEWSLETTER WINTER 2017 PAGE 1 IN THIS ISSUE Bursary Winner Essay by Erica Beehler Healthcare committee Report Public Relations/Communications Report Membership Report Ontario Provincial Report OSNM Fall Conference Committee Report Meet the Board EXECUTIVE AND BOARD Judy Kirby, NM – President Judy Stricharuk, CNM – Past-President Jo Anne Young, CNM – President-Elect & Healthcare Chair Monica McCallum, NM - Treasurer Andrea Blaine, NM – Secretary & Best-Practice Chair Leslie Edwardson, NM – Ontario Rep Year 1 Amber Capotosto, CNM – Ontario Rep Year 2 April Lorimer, NM – Education Chair Sue Brush, CNM – Membership Chair Heather Nichols, NM – Public Relations Chair Margaret (Peggy) Prowse, NM – Conference Chair Neil MacDonald, NM – Area E Rep Rosemarie Westberg, NM – Area H Rep JoAnne Ahrens, NM – Area J Rep Jamie Chowns, NM – Area L Rep Christopher Prescott, NM – Area M Rep PRODUCTION Editor: Heather Nichols, NM Graphic design and layout: Patti Moran, Megram Publisher: Megram THE TRILLIUM is the official publication of the Ontario Society of Nutrition Management. OSNM is a professional membership organiza- tion devoted to the promotion and develop- ment of Nutrition Management in Ontario. ONTARIO SOCIETY OF NUTRITION MAN- AGEMENT P.O. Box 370, Renfrew, ON K7V 4A6 PHONE: 613-432-6066 TOLL FREE: 1-877-847-5766 FAX: 613-432-6840 EMAI L: • W EB: H ello one and all. First off I would like to thank you all for being a part of OSNM. As 2017 ends and 2018 begins, we start a fresh a new year and a new season. As president of OSNM, I plan to start a new year and have always been delighted at the prospect of a new day, a fresh try, one more start, with perhaps a bit of magic waiting somewhere behind the morning. Some of the items on the OSNM board list are to be able to increase the education for all Nutrition Mangers across Ontario for Members and non-Members. Next on the list, is to connect with the Ministry of Long Term Care (MOH) about the regulations in Ontario and have them better understand the needs of the man- agers in Long Term Care across Ontario. Some of the issues facing managers are the Food Service Worker hours as well as the manager and supervisor hours. We hope to guide educational outcomes of the Food Service Workers and best practices. We will also meet with the Retirement Division ORCA Ontario Retirement Communities Association to assist them as regulations become more evident in the retirement sector. Over the past year, in 2017, the board was able to acquire the services with the help of CSNM a marketing company called Enterprise. They have done research and leg work in getting us meetings with the Ministry of Health and providing assistance with applying for grants within Ontario to assist with further educating managers and front line staff. We have all heard about the IDDSI coming on board in Ontario and across the country. With this being in the forefront for the next 2 years, we want to be able to provide opportunities of education to all Nutrition Managers to reduce the risk to the clients we serve. As a board we have also been looking at the aspect of having a dual membership with CSNM. This would mean all Nutri- tion Managers across Canada would pay one fee and have membership in both the National division and Provincial chapter. This would give Ontario a better voice, one voice for all. OSNM currently has 458 members as it is voluntary to be part of the provincial chapter. However if we were to have dual membership we would have more than 2000 voices in Ontario. A team of 2000 can get more accomplished than a team of 458. So I’m asking that until we can accom- plish the dual membership with CSNM, I would like to encourage you all to find even one non-OSNM member and recruit them to join the provincial chapter in 2018. All they have to do is click on the little box when renewing their member- ship in 2018 or even better ask them to go to our newly revamped OSNM web site at and join today. This would double our voice in Ontario to become a larger team of Nutrition Managers across Ontario. Giving better opportunities for education and networking together. In closing, I will say a huge THANK YOU for all you do as a Nutrition Man- gers in serving the clients you do and making a difference in their lives. A MESSAGE FROM YOUR PRESIDENT by Judy Kirby, NM