2017 Gerontology Network Fall Workshop

The Dietitians of Canada Gerontology Network is a national network representing 500+ Registered Dietitians working with the elderly in long term care and health care settings across Canada. The Gerontology Network acts as a resource through the provision of education opportunities and evidenced based nutrition information to support Registered Dietitians as they strive for excellence in the delivery of nutritional care of residents in long term care.


Gerontology Network Members
Early Bird: $115.00 (HST Included)
After October 27th: $140.00 (HST Included)

Early Bird: $140.00 (HST Included)
After October 27th: $165.00 (HST Included)

Cost: $70.00 (HST Included)

Vendor Showcase (includes one full workshop registrtion)
Cost: $300.00 + HST + door prize

If you need a power outlet or food cooked, please contact Sarah Faulds at sarah@faulds.ca as there may be an additional charge.




Click here to view the workshop brochure for more information.

OSNM Chapter M Hamilton Niagara Professional Education Day

OSNM Chapter M Hamilton Niagara Professional Education Day
October 26, 2017  9  am- 4 pm  Lunch & refreshments  included

John Keating will be presenting on
Elder abuse
Challenging Families
Workplace Harassment
Frauds & Scams

Stay tuned for registration information.

Trillium Newsletter - Fall 2017

The latest issue of the Trillium Newsletter is now live! To view it, log into your account and click the "Trillium Online" link. If you are already logged in, you can go directly to the page by clicking here.


  • Education report
  • Engaging new employees
  • Healthcare committee
  • CSNM AGM and Conference review
  • Conference and AGM
  • REPORTS: Membership, CSNM, Chapters H and M
  • Enterprise providing strategic advice to OSNM

Nutrition Resource Centre Webinar - Framing nutrition policies for a diverse public

Thursday, 7 September 2017 from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM (EDT)

Toronto, Ontario

Could the way we present nutrition policies influence their reception—or rejection—by the public?  Which rationales—reducing obesity, offsetting healthcare costs, raising money for social programs or protecting children—are most effective for influencing intent and behaviours? Should a tax on unhealthy foods be presented as a fee instead? Moreover, how can we present nutrition policies in a way that will resonate with people of different social and political views? 

In this webinar, join Dr. Sarah Gollust, an expert in health communications, as she shares insights from recent research on sugar-sweetened beverages and obesity on how to effectively frame and communicate nutrition policies to a diverse and changing public.  

Click here for more information and to register.

Ontario Long Term Care Association Bulletin - Better Seniors' Care Update

Calling for Action: Better Seniors' Care

Just two weeks ago, we launched the action plan for Better Seniors' Care. We're touring the province to get the message out, and we've got a fresh new look online at BetterSeniorsCare.ca where a letter-writing contest is underway.

Making change happen

We need you to get online at BetterSeniorsCare.ca and send a letter to your MPP. To motivate you, we've got a contest where each letter, phone call, or tweet through the letter template on BetterSeniorsCare.ca will be counted for your home. The residents' council with the most actions will win a portion of $5000 to make improvements to their home of their choice! (Official contest rules are available here.) Letters to your MPP can make a difference! Let's get our voice heard!

Help us and take action

Here's what you can to do to help:

  • Send this information on to your staff, your residents' council and family council, encouraging them to get involved.
  • Once you visit BetterSeniorsCare.ca and submit your letter, share the page with your networks and encourage them to do the same.
  • Our posters are in the mail this week. When they arrive next week, please put them up in your lobby, or where you think it will get noticed the most. Electronic versions can be found here if you're eager to get started.
  • Add a link to your website and encourage everyone you know to visit BetterSeniorsCare.ca.
  • Tweet the BetterSeniorsCare.ca website and use the #BetterSeniorsCare hashtag.
  • Put a notice in your home's newsletters and encourage people to take action.
  • At future meetings with staff, families, and at resident events, make sure to encourage everyone to take action and visit the site. Here is a slide deck you can use to help you in spreading the word to your home, community and even to your local MPP directly!

Contest updates

We know everyone is excited about the letter-writing contest and so are we! We’re excited to announce that in just two weeks we’ve already seen more than 1660 letters submitted! You've called your MPPs directly 34 times and shared more than 85 posts on social media via the website. Now we need to keep this momentum going!

Here is a little motivation to get your competitiveness in gear. Below are the top 5 (overall) homes that have completed the most actions (letters, calls and tweets) as of 2:15 pm yesterday afternoon:

  1. Garden Terrace (OMNI Health Care) with 352 actions
  2. Meadow Park (Chatham) Inc. (Jarlette) with 227 actions
  3. Southampton Care Centre (Jarlette) with 116 actions
  4. Leacock Care Centre (Jarlette) with 111 actions
  5. Muskoka Landing (Jarlette) with 106 actions

Now, these totals may not account for home size like the contest will, but we know you don't want to be edged out - so get writing! We'll keep updating you on our leader board so if you want to see your home up there, now is the time to send in your letters.

Hitting the road

Our CEO Candace Chartier kicked things off January 27th with an address to the Economic Club of Canada where 150 people, including government representatives and health care stakeholders, attended to hear about our action plan for seniors. This resulted in an article published in the Toronto Star: Seniors suffer as Ontario nursing home investment falls short, association says.

Last week, we took our tour on the road and visited Jarlette's Roberta Place in Barrie. We were able to raise some great awareness of our issues and got coverage on CTV News, and in the Barrie Examiner and Barrie Advance. Check out some of the photos from the event below (special thanks to residents Gordon Selin and Pat Wood for participating and speaking to the media).

The campaign was also featured last week in Queen's Park Today, which is a popular report among politicians, public service employees and government stakeholders, and in the Manitoulin Expositor!

We can't wait for our next stop at Trinity Village in Kitchener next week! Stay tuned to hear how this event goes.

Don't forget to connect with us and let us know what you're doing to highlight the Better Seniors' Care campaign and contest in your home. Please contact Kim Lucchetta at klucchetta@oltca.com.

Ontario Long Term Care Association (OLTCA)
425 University Avenue, Suite 500
Toronto, Ontario, M5G 1T6
Tel: 647.256.3490
Fax: 416.642.0635


    OSNM is currently accepting nominations for a Director in the role of President-Elect.

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    Ontario is seeking those with experience in providing health care who are available to help provincial efforts to prevent and control the spread of COVID-19, if required. Ontario is looking for health care providers who may be working part-time and want to and are prepared to increase their work hours or former healthcare providers who are retired, or an inactive statues with their regulatory college. If you are interested and you can help, please visit the Workforce Matching Portal for more information and to create a user profile.

  • “MORE THAN FOOD”- Nutrition Month 2020. March is Nutrition Month and this year’s theme recognizes that optimal nutrition goes beyond what we eat – it’s also about how we eat! Registered Dietitians have long been encouraging “Mindful Eating”, and the new 2019 Canada’s Food Guide reflects this messaging. Key messages include slowing down to take time to eat, paying attention to your hunger and fullness cues, planning meals/cooking at home, preparing and eating meals with others, enjoying your food and being mindful of your eating habits. For reliable nutrition information and recipes, check out www.unlockfood.ca

  • Healthy eating is about so much more than food!

    Nutrition Month 2020 is your chance to show Canadians your skills, value and expertise through activities that focus on healthy eating habits like eating mindfully and cooking more often.

    For more resources please go to  Dietitians of Canada - Nutrition Month 2020 


    Nutrition and Hydration Awareness Week

    March 16-22, 2020    Reinforce, Focus and Energize

    Information and Resources   Nutrition & Hydration Week 2020          Nutrition and Hydration Week Salford Age UK