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About the OSNM

Société Ontarienne de la gestion de la nutrition - click here!

It is the mission of the Society
to develop, promote and represent the profession of Nutrition Management
in Ontario through...


Food and Nutrition Managers are graduates of accredited post secondary educational programs or equivalent. OSNM members are committed to lifelong learning.

Members receive learning and continuing education points by participating in educational sessions to keep abreast of new trends.


The OSNM provides it's members with support in matters unique to the Province of Ontario.


OSNM maintains a website where members have access to a variety of services, including job opportunities.


Provides support through local chapters.


At least one Educational Event per year is planned for all members and non-members.


OSNM offers a busary for students enrolled in OSNM accredited educational programs. Students must be CSNM student members to be eligible.


Completion of an accredited two year college diploma program in Food and Nutrition Management.
Completion of a program that differs from the above, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors and Current Membership in the Canadian Society of Nutrition Management (CSNM).

A bit of history

The Ontario Food Service Supervisor's Association was formed in 1983. The Association's main objective was to ensure high standards of training for its members, and to ensure quality Foodservice to the public. In 1991, the association changed its name to reflect the name of its governing body, the Canadian Society of Nutrition Management. The Ontario Society of Nutrition Management continues to endeavour to advance and promote recognition and understanding of the profession. The Executive and Board of Directors conduct the Society's business. Nominations of officers for the following year are presented and elections are held at the annual meeting each fall.


OSNM's PRIVACY POLICY (click to view)



Education for Food Service Industry

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