The OSNM Executive & Board Members 2018-2019

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Maria Gomer, NM

Pat Sylvain, NM


 Jo Anne Young, NM

Marg Mitchell, NM

 Leslie Edwardson, NM


Provincial Reps
Sue Brush, CNM- Year 1
Christeen Read, NM – Year 2

Rosemarie Westberg, NM

Education Co-Chair

Stephanie Robert-MacIsaac, NM

Communications Co-Chair
Melanie Dupuis, NM


Membership Co-Chair

Healthcare Liason
Judy Kirby, NM

Healthcare Co-Chair

Best-Practice Chair - Ad-Hoc
Andrea Blain, NM

Conference Coordinator
Lorrie Plein

Conference Co-Chair
Lesley Edwardson, NM



Area A,B Rep (Ottawa, Golden Triangle)

Area C (Kingston)

Area D Rep (North Bay)

Area E Rep (Kawarthas)
Neil MacDonald, NM

Area F Rep (Toronto)

Area G Rep (Barrie)
Judy Kirby, NM

Area H Rep (Kitchener-Waterloo)
Rosemarie Westberg, NM

Area J Rep (Grey Bruce)

Area K Rep (Thunder Bay)

Area L Rep (London)
Sue Brush, NM

Area M Rep (Hamilton)
Scott Murray, NM





    OSNM is currently accepting nominations for a Director in the role of President-Elect.

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    Ontario is seeking those with experience in providing health care who are available to help provincial efforts to prevent and control the spread of COVID-19, if required. Ontario is looking for health care providers who may be working part-time and want to and are prepared to increase their work hours or former healthcare providers who are retired, or an inactive statues with their regulatory college. If you are interested and you can help, please visit the Workforce Matching Portal for more information and to create a user profile.

  • “MORE THAN FOOD”- Nutrition Month 2020. March is Nutrition Month and this year’s theme recognizes that optimal nutrition goes beyond what we eat – it’s also about how we eat! Registered Dietitians have long been encouraging “Mindful Eating”, and the new 2019 Canada’s Food Guide reflects this messaging. Key messages include slowing down to take time to eat, paying attention to your hunger and fullness cues, planning meals/cooking at home, preparing and eating meals with others, enjoying your food and being mindful of your eating habits. For reliable nutrition information and recipes, check out

  • Healthy eating is about so much more than food!

    Nutrition Month 2020 is your chance to show Canadians your skills, value and expertise through activities that focus on healthy eating habits like eating mindfully and cooking more often.

    For more resources please go to  Dietitians of Canada - Nutrition Month 2020 


    Nutrition and Hydration Awareness Week

    March 16-22, 2020    Reinforce, Focus and Energize

    Information and Resources   Nutrition & Hydration Week 2020          Nutrition and Hydration Week Salford Age UK